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Based in the United Kingdom, we provide a comprehensive range of patent services aimed at safeguarding our clients' valuable innovations and inventions. By selecting DIGILAW, you gain access to our profound expertise in patent law, meticulous attention to detail, and a proven track record of successfully securing and defending patents by our associates. Place your trust in our firm to navigate the intricate patent process, guaranteeing the preservation of your inventions and the effective enforcement of your intellectual property rights.
What we do to protect your innovation
- Patent search and analysis
- Patent drafting and filing
- Patent prosecution and registration
- Patent portfolio management
- Patent infringement analysis and litigation support
- Patent licensing and technology transfer agreements
DIGILAW LTD delivers exceptional copyright services to our clients. Copyright is an indispensable legal framework that confers exclusive rights upon creators of original artistic, literary, musical, or dramatic works. Our unwavering commitment is to protect and enforce intellectual property rights, adeptly navigate intricate copyright matters, and ensure that clients' creative works are duly recognized and shielded under the law.
What we do to protect your creativity
- Copyright registration and protection
- Copyright infringement analysis and enforcement
- Copyright licensing and assignment agreements
- Copyright portfolio management
Trade marks
DIGILAW LTD provides a comprehensive range of services related to trade marks, including thorough searching, strategic advice, and effective management. Our offerings encompass initial clearance searches, filing and prosecution of trade mark applications, registration of marks, and ongoing maintenance to protect your trade mark rights.
What we do to protect your trade reputation
- Trade mark search and clearance
- Trade mark application drafting and filing
- Trade mark prosecution and registration
- Trade mark opposition and cancellation proceedings
- Trade mark portfolio management
- Trade mark enforcement and litigation support
In cases where you face infringement issues concerning someone else's trade mark rights, we offer expert guidance on the strength of those rights and can propose viable solutions such as co-existence agreements or consent agreements. These arrangements may allow you to continue using your mark either within a restricted territory under a license agreement or with the consent of the registered trade mark owner. At DIGILAW LTD, we are committed to safeguarding your trade mark interests and providing effective legal solutions tailored to your specific needs.
Intellectual Property Strategy and Counseling
At DIGILAW LTD, we understand the value and significance of intellectual property in today's competitive landscape. Our experienced team of legal professionals specializes in providing strategic advice and counseling on intellectual property matters to help clients protect and maximize the value of their innovations, creative works, and brands.
What we do to guide you even further
- IP portfolio strategy and management
- IP due diligence
- IP licensing and commercialization
- IP audits and assessments
- IP dispute resolution and litigation
Other Legal Services
- Contract drafting and review
- Business formation and structuring
- Intellectual property agreements
- Technology transfer agreements
- Trade secrets protection
- Data privacy and cybersecurity
- General legal advice related to intellectual property and technology law
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